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Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Research Data Base [ Grosu V, 2014. | Id:477 ]


Grosu V T, Grosu E F, Dobrescu T: The New Dimension of Educational Leadership - Modelling Excellence Through Neuro-Linguistic Programming Techniques. Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences 141(2014): 500-505, 2014.

Abstract: Purpose of study: Through this study we want to show the specific notion of leadership in sports training. Modelling the training process in sport training can be achieved by applying neuro-linguistic techniques, mental training techniques.

Methods: We have applied the following test methods: AP2 - focusing attention, AD - distributive attention, MA - spiritual observation. Findings and results The study took place in groups of junior practitioners of skiing. Tests were applied to participants Ski Clubs Championship of Romania in April 2013, aged 11-15 years. The main objective of mental training through techniques neuro-linguistic is to support individual and group sporting activity in any situation: workout or competition in order to increase performance capacity. Other mental training objectives pursued in this study are: increasing attention and concentration reduce anxiety and stress.

Conclusion: The results show us the profile of the junior skier. It will determine how we can apply the neuro-linguistic programming techniques for each skier. Athletic performance are influenced by specific situations group and data analysis is a qualitative analysis investigated the relationships between coaches and athletes.

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