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Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Research Data Base [ Alroudhan H, 2018. | Id:469 ]


Alroudhan H E: The Effect of Neuro-linguistic Programming Coaching on Learning English. International Journal of Applied Linguistics & English Literature 7(4): 184-190, 2018.

Abstract: NLP is an interpersonal communications model based on the belief that language is strongly inter-connected with neurological processes and behavioral patterns adopted through experience and the power of this connection can be harnessed to acquire the skills in exceptional people. The aim of the present study is to evaluate the efficiency of NLP for language learning and investigate its potential role in learning the English language. By using primary and secondary sources and implementing the Oxford Placement Test, as the pretest and the post-test on the experimental and control groups, the effect of the NLP coaching treatment sessions on the experimental group of female Saudi EFL learners was investigated for two months. The findings of this study reveal that NLP not only provides the techniques and solutions to the problems, but it also enables teachers to form their own flexible responses to the specific problems. In this study, NLP coaching proved to have a significant effect on EFL learning, however, further research is needed to confirm the findings of this innovative study.

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