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Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Research Data Base [ Javadi M, 2014. | Id:444 ]


Javadi M, Saeid Y, Mokhtari J, sirati nir Masoud: The Effect of Neuro Linguistic Programing Strategies Training on Nurses' Emotional Intelligence: A Randomized Clinical Trial Study. Journal of Applied Environmental and Biological Sciences 4(7): 238-244, 2014.

Abstract: Emotional intelligence has been as an important factor for decreasing job stress and better use of coping strategies in nurses. Therefore, it appears essential to improve the emotional intelligence in nurses. However, it appears that use of Neuro linguistic programming strategies can be help in this regard. In this research, we aimed to examine the effect of NLP strategies on nurses' emotional intelligence and its components. Consequently, in this clinical trial study had been done on 60 male and female nurses; it had been done in the form of experimental and control group in the Iran in 2013. There was significant difference between the average of the total score of emotional intelligence in nurses before intervention and after intervention in experimental group (P<0.001). Also this difference was significant in the average of the scores related to emotional intelligence components especially in self-management and management of the relationship in experimental group (P<0.05). Our results show that training of NLP strategies had positive and significant effect on emotional intelligence and its components, so teaching these guidelines in the form of educational workshop in clinical environment to nurses despite their special job requirement is recommended.

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