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Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Research Data Base [ Assalia M, 2011. | Id:380 ]


Assalia M, Al-Banna A: Effectiveness of A Program in Neuro Linguistic Programming to Reduce a Future Anxiety among the Students of Al- Aqsa University, Affiliated with the Palestinian Organizations at Gaza Governorates. An-Najah University Journal for Research - Humanities 25(5): 1119-1158, 2011.

Abstract: This Study aimed at Recognizing on the level of future anxiety among University students affiliated with the Palestinian organization at Gaza Governorates and to Identify the effectiveness of N.L.P program in reducing a future anxiety, this study was applied on (180) students, the Researchers selected (40) students who got the highest grades on the scale of future anxiety, including (20) as experimental group, and(20) as a control Group, the Researcher has used a Measuring of future anxiety and the N.L.P program prepared by them, the Researchers reached at the following results: 36.1% suffer of serious future anxiety, and there were significant differences in average degree of the future anxiety before and after the implementation of distance and there were differences between the experimental and control groups for the pilot application in distance, there is a good effect of N.L.P program in reducing future anxiety among the students of the two groups in favor of the experimental group.

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