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Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Research Data Base [ 61 - 80 of 439 Entries ]
61Buckner M, Mera N M (1987)
Eye movement as an indicator of sensory components in thought.
Journal of Counseling Psychology 34(3): 283-287
62Budiman A, Frankovsky M, Birknerova Z, Benkova E, Rajiani I (2018)
Identification of attributes of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) structure with the focus on communication and techniques of its implementation in managerial work.
Polish Journal of Management Studies 17(2): 41-51
63Budman S H, Hoyt M F, Friedman S (1992)
The first session in brief therapy.
Counselling Psychology Quarterly. New York, US: Guilford Press.
64Bull L (2007)
Sunflower therapy for children with specific learning difficulties (dyslexia): a randomised, controlled trial.
Complementary therapies in clinical practice 13 (1): 15-24
65Bull L (2009)
Survey of complementary and alternative therapies used by children with specific learning difficulties (dyslexia).
International Journal of Language & Communication Disorders 44(2) - Routledge: 224-235
66Burke D T, Meleger A, Schneider J C, Snyder J, Dorvlo A S, Al-Adawi S (2003)
Eye-movements and ongoing task processing.
Percept Mot Skills 96(3Pt2): 1330-1338
67Busch G W (1985)
Eye movements and spelling errors: Neurolinguistic programming used and associated with the analysis of certain factual difficulties.
Skolepsykologi 22(1): 32-41
68Caballero D R, Rosado N (2018)
English Language Teaching 11(11): 751-756
69Carbonell D A (1985)
Representational systems: an empirical approach to Neurolinguistic Programming.
Dissertation Abstracts International 46(8), 2798-B DePaul University (Pub = AAC8523962): 144
70Carey J, Churches R, Hutchinson G, Jones J, Tosey P (2009)
Neuro-linguistic programming and learning: teacher case studies on the impact of NLP in education.
Reading: CfBT Education Trust
71Cheney S, Miller L, Rees R (1982)
Imagery and eye movements.
Journal of Mental Imagery 6: 113-124
72Childers J H (1985)
Neuro-linguistic programming: Enhancing teacher-student communications.
Journal of Humanistic Counseling, Education & Development 24(1): 32-39
73Childers J H (1989)
Looking at yourself through loving eyes.
Elementary School Guidance & Counseling 23(3): 204-209
74Childers J H, Saltmarsh R E (1986)
Neurolinguistic programming in the context of group counseling.
Journal for Specialists in Group Work 11(4): 221-227
75Christensen J F, Levinson W, Grinder M (1990)
Applications of neurolinguistic programming to medicine.
J Gen Intern Med 5(6): 522-527
76Churches R, Hutchinson G, Jones J (2009)
Fast Track teaching: beginning the experiment in accelerated leadership development.
School Leadership & Management 29(3) - Routledge: 277-293
77Clabby J, O'Connor R (2004)
Teaching learners to use mirroring: rapport lessons from neurolinguistic programming.
Fam Med 36(8): 541-543
78Cody S G (1983)
The stability and impact of the primary representational system in Neurolinguistic Programming: a critical examination.
Dissertation Abstracts International 44(4), 1232-B University of Connecticut (Pub = AAC8319187): 158
79Coe W C, Scharcoff J A (1985)
An empirical evaluation of the neurolinguistic programming model.
International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis 33(4): 310-318
80Cole-Hitchcock S T (1980)
A determination of the extent to which a predominant representational system can be identified through written and verbal communication and eye scanning patterns.
Dissertation Abstracts International 41(5), B Baylor University: 134
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