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Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Research Data Base [ 421 - 440 of 442 Entries ]
421Watkins K E (1997)
Invited reaction: Selected alternative training techniques in HRD.
Human Resource Development Quarterly 8(4): 295-299
422Weerth R (1993)
NLP & mental imagery II.
Junfermann, 155 pp
423Wertheim E H, Habib C, Cumming G (1986)
Test of the neurolinguistic programming hypothesis that eye movements relate to processing imagery.
Perceptual and Motor Skilled 62(2): 523-529
424White S (2009)
The Status of the Pharmacist.
SA Pharmaceutical Journal 76(3): 54-55
425Wilbur M P, Roberts-Wilbur J (1987)
Categorizing sensory reception in four modes: support for representational systems.
Perceptual and Motor Skills 64(3Pt1): 875-886
426Wilimek J F (1979)
The use of language representational systems by high and low marital adjustment couples.
Dissertation Abstracts International 40(7), 3914-A University of Utah (Order = 8000971): 83
427Wiseman R, Watt C, ten Brinke L, Porter S, Couper S-L, Rankin C (2012)
The Eyes Don't Have It: Lie Detection and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.
PLoS ONE 7(7): e40259 | DOI:
428Witkowski, Tomasz (2006)
The theory and practice of NLP in the eyes of a social psychologist.
NAUKA (Warszawa, Poland) 4: 55-71
429Witkowski, Tomasz (2010)
Thirty-Five Years of Research on Neuro-Linguistic Programming. NLP Research Data Base. State of the Art or Pseudoscientific Decoration?
Polish Psychological Bulletin 41(2): 58-66
430Witt K (2003)
Psycological Treatment Can Modulate the Skin Reaction to Histamine in Pollen Allergic Humans.
Psychosomatics 4: 33-37
431Witt K (2008)
Neuro-Linguistic-Psychotherapy (NLPt) treatment can modulate the reaction in pollen allergic humans and their state of health.
International Journal of Psychotherapy 12(1): 50-60
432Wong E Y N (1981)
A validation study of nonverbal eye pattern strategies related to language and therapeutic processes.
Dissertation Abstracts International 42(11): 4729
433Wood J A (2006)
NLP revisited: nonverbal communications and signals of trustworthiness.
Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management 26(2): 197-204
434Woods M D, Martin D (1984)
The work of virginia satir: Understanding her theory and technique.
The American Journal of Family Therapy 12(4) - Routledge: 3-11
435Yapko M D (1981)
The effect of matching primary representational system predicates on hypnotic relaxation.
American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis 23: 169-175.
436Yapko M D (1981)
Neuro-linguistic programming, hypnosis, and interpersonal influence.
Dissertation Abstracts International 41(8-B): 3204
437Yapko M D (1984)
Implications of the Ericksonian and Neurolinguistic programming approaches for responsibility of therapeutic outcomes.
Am J Clin Hypn 27(2): 137-143
438Young G (2004)
Hypnotically-facilitated Intervention of Epileptic Seizures: A Case Study.
Australian Journal of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis 25(1): 1-11
439Young J A (1995)
Developing leadership from within: A descriptive study of the use of neurolinguistic programming practices in a course on leadership.
Dissertation Abstracts International 56(1-A), Humanities and Social Sciences: 0080
440Zaharia C, Reiner M, Schütz P (2015)
Psychiatria Danubina 27(4): 355&
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