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Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Research Data Base [ 401 - 420 of 442 Entries ]
401Tosey P, Mathison J, Michelli D (2005)
Mapping Transformative Learning: the potential of neuro-linguistic programming.
Journal of Transformative Education 3(2): 140-167
402Turan B, Stemberger R M (2000)
The effectiveness of matching language to enhance perceived empathy.
Communication & Cognition 33(3-4): 287-300
403Turkowski P (2018)
Neuro-Linguistic Perspective of Long- and Short-Term Psychotherapy of Grief. Theoretical Background, Method and Case-Studies.
Journal of Experiential Psychotherapy 21(1): 12-23
404Turner J (1999)
Neurolinguistic programming and health.
Soins 637: 33-36
405Tye M J C T (1994)
Neurolinguistic programming: Magic or myth?
Journal of Accelerative Learning & Teaching 19(3-4): 309-342
406Vander Z, Eldon L (1983)
The effects of meta-model questioning and empathetic responding on concreteness in client statements and client ratings of anxiety and counselor attractiveness, expertness, and trustworthiness.
Dissertation Abstracts International 44(12), 3600-A 3601-A Iowa State University (Order = DA8407xxx): 117
407Vianna L A C, Bomfim G F T, Chicone G (2006)
Self-esteem of raped women.
Revista Latino-Americana de Enfermagem 14(5): 695-701
408Vieira C R, Gaspar M F (2013)
PLENATITUDE Teacher Education for Effectiveness and Well-being With Neuro-linguistic Programming.
US-China Education Review 3(1) - DAVID PUBLISHING: 1-17
409Vinyamata E F (2011)
The Neuro-Linguistic Programming Approach to Conflict Resolution, Negotiation and Change.
Journal of Conflictology 2(1): 1-5
410Vorster C M, Du Plooy J (2005)
'n Psigo-opvoedkundige ondersoek na enkele vooronderstellings en konsepte onderliggend aan die Neurolinguistiese Programmeringsmodel.
Koers 70(1): 51-73
411Vrij A, Lochun S K (1997)
Neuro-linguistic programming and the police: Worthwhile or not?
Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology 12(1) - Springer Boston: 25-31
412Wake L (2009)
A study of the relationship between the core belief structures of neurolinguistic psychotherapy and object relations theory
Current Research in NLP 1: 50-66
413Wake L (2011)
Waking Up and Moving On &
8211; A Programme Evaluation of an Intervention with Adolescents Identified as at Risk of Offending Behaviour
414Wake L (2011)
Leadership Excellence Through Coaching: A Case Study in Regulatory Affairs Using Neurolinguistic Programming
Regulatory Rapporteur 8(11): 9-11
415Wake L (2013)
It's My Life: A case study exploring the role of the therapy relationship
Current Research in NLP 3: 84-94
416Wake L, Leighton M (2014)
Pilot study using Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) in post-combat PTSD.
Mental Health Review Journal 19(4): 251-264
417Walter J, Bayat A (2003)
Neurolinguistic programming: verbal communication.
Bmj. 326(7389): 83
418Walter J, Bayat A (2003)
Neurolinguistic programming: the keys to success.
Bmj 326(7398): 165-166
419Walter J, Bayat A (2003)
Neurolinguistic programming: temperament and character types.
Bmj. 326(7394): 133
420Walters S R (1983)
A comprehensive behavioral treatment for hypertension.
Dissertation Abstracts International 45(12): 3925