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Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Research Data Base [ 281 - 300 of 442 Entries ]
281Mattar A T (1980)
Primary representational systems as a basis for improved comprehension and communication.
Dissertation Abstracts International 41(8), 3162-B Utah State University (Pub = AAC8104113): 177
282Matthews W J, Kirsch I, Mosher D (1985)
Double hypnotic induction: an initial empirical test.
Journal of Abnormal Psychology 94(1): 92-95
283Mayers K S (1993)
Enhancement of psychological testimony with the use of neurolinguistic programming techniques.
American Journal of Forensic Psychology 11(2): 53-60
284McCabe D (1985)
Meeting language needs of all types of learners.
Academic Therapy 20(5): 563-567
285McClendon T L (2019)
Using a Behavioral Model of Excellence to Improve Organizational Performance: Benefits and Pitfalls.
Journal of Experiential Psychotherapy 22(1): 3-10
286Melvin K B, Miller H L (1988)
Anchoring: Panacea or placebo?
Phobia Practice & Research Journal 1(2): 153-158
287Mercier M A, Johnson M (1984)
Representational system predicate use and convergence in counseling: Gloria revisited.
Journal of Counseling Psychology 31(2): 161-169
288Miftakhurozaq M (2018)
Implementasi Metode Hypnoteaching dalam Pembelajaran PAI.
289Moine D (1981)
A psycholinguistic study of the patterns of persuasion used by successful salespeople.
Dissertation Abstracts International 42(5), 2135-B University of Oregon (Order = 8123499): 271
290Monguio Vencino I, Lippman L G (1987)
Image formation as related to visual fixation point.
Journal of Mental Imagery 11(1): 87-96
291Munaker S (1997)
The great aha! a path to transformation.
Dissertation Abstracts International 57(11-A), Humanities and Social Sciences: 4823
292Murray L L (2013)
Limited evidence that neurolinguistic programming improves health-related outcomes.
Evidence-based mental health 16(3): 79
293Murray P E, Brown N, Murray S (2002)
Deconstructing Sustainability Literacy: The Cornerstone of Education for Sustainability? The Role of Values.
The International Journal of Environmental, Cultural, Economic and Social Sustainability 2(7): 83-92
294Muss D C (1991)
A new technique for treating post-traumatic stress disorder.
British Journal of Clinical Psychology 30: 91-92
295Nancarrow C, Moskvin A, Shankar A (1996)
Bridging the great divide - the transfer of techniques.
Marketing Intelligence & Planning 14(6) - MCB UP Ltd: 27-37
296Nancarrow C, Penn S (1998)
Rapport in telemarketing - mirror, mirror on the call?
Marketing Intelligence & Planning 16(1) - MCB UP Ltd: 12-21
297Naurazbaeva Y V, Shesternina M V, Kasimova E R (2015)
Modern Research of Social Problems 10(54): 519-537
298Nelson T S, Trepper T S (1993)
101 interventions in family therapy.
Haworth marriage and the family. New York, England: Haworth Press, Inc
299Newton E L (1981)
The effect of verbal pacing on self-disclosure and trust of interviewer.
Dissertation Abstracts International 42(4): 1615
300Nixon S, Vickerman P, Maynard C (2010)
Teacher immediacy: reflections on a peer review of teaching scheme.
Journal of Further and Higher Education 34(4): 491-502