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Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Research Data Base [ 21 - 40 of 374 Entries ]
21Beale R P (1980)
The testing of a model for the representation of consciousness.
Dissertation Abstracts International 41(9), 3565-B (2566-B) The Fielding Institute (Order = 8106799): 126
22Beaver R (1989)
Neuro-linguistic programme as practised by an educational psychologist.
Association of Educational Psychologists Journal 5(2): 87-90
23Beck C E, Beck E A (1984)
Test of the eye movement hypothesis of Neurolinguistic Programming: a rebuttal of conclusions.
Perceptual and Motor Skills 58(1): 175-176
24Bergman R A (1989)
The therapist's and clients' perspectives of mental imagery interventions in psychotherapy.
Dissertation Abstracts International 50(6), 1597
25Bertoli J M (2002)
The use of neuro-linguistic programming and emotionally focused therapy with divorcing couples in crisis.
Brief treatments for the traumatized. Westport, CT, US Greenwood Press/Greenwood Publishing Group Inc
26Beyerstein B L (1990)
Brainscams: Neuromythologies of the New Age.
International Journal of Mental Health 19(3): 27-36
27Bigley J, Griffiths P D, Prydderch A, Romanowski C A J, Miles L, Lidiard H, Hoggard N (2010)
Neurolinguistic programming used to reduce the need for anaesthesia in claustrophobic patients undergoing MRI.
The British Journal of Radiology, Vol 83(986): 113-117
28Billups A J (1983)
Representational system congruence (predicate matching) as a dimension of interpersonal impact.
Dissertation Abstracts International 44(11), 3517-B Virginia Consortium for Professional Psychology, Old Dominion University (Pub = AAC8404350): 115
29Birholtz L S (1981)
Neurolinguistic Programming: testing some basic assumptions.
Dissertation Abstracts International 42(5), 2042-B The Fielding Institute (Pub = AAC8118324): 131
30Biswal R, Awasthy S, Kumar U, Pradhan R (2005)
NLP: The Art and Science of Achieving Goals.
International Journal of Mental Health 19(3): 27-36
31Bliemeister J (1987)
An empirical test of basic assumptions of NLP.
Integrative Therapie 13 (4): 397-406
32Bliemeister J (1988)
An empirical test of theoretical constructs essential to NLP.
Zeitschrift fuer Klinische Psychologie (Hogrefe Verlag) 17 (1): 21-30
33Boden C, Giaschi D (2007)
M-Stream Deficits and Reading-Related Visual Processes in Developmental Dyslexia.
Psychological Bulletin 133(2): 346-366
34Bohn S (2004)
NLP in medical consultation - theory, practical experience and implications.
Dissertation Abstracts, Universität zu Köln
35Bolstad R (2002)
Resolve: A new model of therapy.
Crown House Publishing Ltd
36Bone M B, St-Laurent M, Dang C, McQuiggan D A, Ryan J D, Buchsbaum B R (2018)
Eye Movement Reinstatement and Neural Reactivation During Mental Imagery.
Cerebral Cortex, 2018: 1-15
37Boroditsky L, Gaby A (2010)
Remembrances of Times East: Absolute Spatial Representations of Time in an Australian Aboriginal Community.
Psychological Science 21(11): 1635-1639
38Botzum G D (1984)
Therapeutic suggestion: the effects of metaphor on self-disclosure.
Dissertation Abstracts International 45(11): 3612
39Bovbjerg K M (2011)
Personal Development under Market Conditions: NLP and the Emergence of an Ethics of Sensitivity Based on the Idea of the Hidden Potential of the Individual.
Journal of Contemporary Religion 26(2): 189-205
40Bowers J S (2002)
Challenging the widespread assumption that connectionism and distributed representations go hand-in-hand.
Dissertation Abstracts International 56(11-B), The Sciences and Engineering: 6379
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