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Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Research Data Base [ 201 - 220 of 442 Entries ]
201Hosseinzadeh E, Baradaran A (2015)
Investigating the Relationship between Iranian EFL Teachers&
8217; Autonomy and Their Neuro-Linguistic Programming.
202Hücker F-J (2005)
Aufmerksamkeitsdefizitsyndrom: Forschung und Perspektive.
Psychotherapie Forum 13(2) - Springer Wien: 41-46
203Hücker F-J (2008)
The Pygmalion mythology in the psychotherapy.
Psychotherapie Forum 16(3) - Springer Wien: 128-135
204Hücker F-J (2014)
Lebenserfahrung und Widerstandsressourcen. Korrelation des Kohärenzgefühls mit Altersgruppen und Geschlecht.
Sozial Extra 38(2) - Springer Wiesbaden: 12-15
205Hughes M A (1991)
The effect of the interaction of students' perceptual modality with teaching method on singing achievement in third-graders.
Dissertation Abstracts International 52(4-A): 1247
206Ilyas M (2017)
Finding Relationships between Acquisition of Basic Skills and Neuro-linguistic Programming Techniques.
Journal of Literature, Languages and Linguistics 34: 22-26
207Ingalls J S (1987)
Cognition and athletic behavior: an investigation of the NLP principle of congruence.
Dissertation Abstracts International 48(7), 2090-B Columbia University Teachers College (Order = DA8721125): 158
208Ismuzaroh S (2013)
Penerapan hipnoteaching melalui neuro-linguistic programmingdalam pembelajaran kimia.
Jurnal Pendidikan IPA Indonesia 2(2): 178-182
209Janschitz S, Zimmermann F M (2010)
Regional modeling and the logics of sustainability - a social theory approach for regional development and change.
Environmental Economics 1(1): 129-137
210Javadi M, Saeid Y, Mokhtari J, sirati nir Masoud (2014)
The Effect of Neuro Linguistic Programing Strategies Training on Nurses' Emotional Intelligence: A Randomized Clinical Trial Study.
Journal of Applied Environmental and Biological Sciences 4(7): 238-244
211Jemmer P W (2008)
Becoming a Lingwiz'd of Is.
Bifrons creativity 5: 1-50
212Jepsen C H (1992)
Neurolinguistic programming in dentistry.
J Calif Dent Assoc 20(3): 28-32
213Joey L, Yazdanifard R (2015)
Can Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) be used as contemporary and effective skill for an exceptional manager in an organization?
International Journal of Management, Accounting and Economics 2(5): 456-465
214Johannsen C A (1982)
Predicates, mental imagery in discrete sense modes, and levels of stress: the Neurolinguistic Programming typologies.
Dissertation Abstracts International 43(8), 2709-B United States International University (Pub = AAC8229638): 207
215Johnson K D (1983)
Eye positions and associated mental activity as determined by sensory-based words spoken.
Dissertation Abstracts International 45(8), 2691-B Union for Experimenting Colleges and Universities (Pub = AAC8425708): 119
216Juhnke G A, Coll K M, Sunich M F, Kent R R (2008)
Using Modified Neurolinguistic Programming Swish Pattern With Couple Parasuicide and Suicide Survivors.
The Family Journal 16(4) - Sage publications: 391-396
217Jupp J J (1989)
Neurolinguistic Programming: an experimental test of the effectiveness of "leading" in hypnotic inductions.
British Journal of Experimental and Clinical Hypnosis 6(2): 91-97
218Jupp J J (1989)
A further empirical evaluation of neurolinguistic primary representational systems (PRS).
Counselling Psychology Quarterly 2(4): 441-450
219Karniol R (1995)
Stuttering, language, and cognition: A review and a model of stuttering as suprasegmental sentence plan alignment (SPA).
Psychological Bulletin 117(1): 104-124
220Kasek R (2019)
Rewarding Self-Liberation. The Use of NLPt in Lifestyle Improvement and Weight-Control.
Journal of Experiential Psychotherapy 22(1): 11-20