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Neuro-Linguistic Programming
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121Ferguson D M (1987)
The effect of two audiotaped Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) phobia treatments on public speaking anxiety.
Dissertation Abstracts International 49(4), 765 University of Tennessee (Order = DA8810355): 95
122Fisher R P (1995)
Interviewing victims and witnesses of crime.
Psychology, Public Policy, and Law 1(4): 732-764
123Fox S (2009)
Following the action in action learning: towards ethnomethodological studies of (critical) action learning.
Action Learning: Research and Practice 6(1) - Routledge: 5-16
124Fremder L A (1986)
Generalization of visual dot pattern strategies to number pattern strategies by learning disabled students.
Dissertation Abstracts International 47(11), 4055-A Columbia University Teachers College (Order = DA8704296): 116
125Frieden F P (1981)
Speaking the client's language: the effects of Neurolinguistic Programming (predicate matching) on verbal and nonverbal behaviors in psychotherapy. A single case design.
Dissertation Abstracts International 42(3), 1171-B Virginia Commonwealth University (Pub = AAC8118960): 146
126Fromme D K, Daniell J (1984)
Neurolinguistic Programming examined: imagery, sensory mode, and communication.
Journal of Counseling Psychology 31(3)
127Fruchter H J (1983)
Sensory reinforcement in the service of aggression maintenance in children: a treatment study.
Dissertation Abstracts International 45(3), 1013-B Syracuse University (Pub = AAC8410711): 124
128Frye M L (1980)
An analysis of the relationship between leisure interests and representational systems among college freshman students with implications for leisure counseling.
Dissertation Abstracts International 41(6), 2764-A Oklahoma State University (Order = 8027178): 93
129Gallo F P (1985)
Verbal synchrony and the maintenance of rapport between collegiate instructors and their students (NLP Teaching).
Dissertation Abstracts International 46(3): 624
130Genser-Medlitsch M, Schütz P (2004)
Czy neurolingwistyczna psychoterapia jest efektywna? (Does Neurolinguistic-Psychotherapy have effects?)
Nowiny Psychologiczne Nr. 1 - Zarz&
131Georges D P (1996)
Improved employee selection and staffing through meta programmes.
Career Development International 1(5) - MCB UP Ltd: 5-9
132Gindis B (1992)
Soviet psychology on the path of perestroika.
Professional Psychology: Research and Practice 23(2): 114-118
133Gordon C-M, Gruzelier J (2003)
Self-hypnosis and osteopathic soft tissue manipulation with a ballet dancer.
Contemporary Hypnosis 20(4): 209-214
134Gorecka D, Borak J, Goljan A, Gorzelak K, Mankowski M, Zgierska A (1999)
Treatment outcome in tobacco dependence after nicotine replacement therapy and group therapy.
Pneumonol Alergol Pol 67(3-4): 95-102
135Graf U (1995)
Neurolinguistic programming in physician-patient communication. Basic principles of the procedure--examples for application in surgery.
Fortschr Med 113(26): 368-371
136Graunke B (1984)
An evaluation of Neurolinguistic Programming: the impact of varied imaging tasks upon sensory predicates.
Dissertation Abstracts International 46(6), University of Houston (Pub = AAC8420009): 226
137Graunke B, Roberts T K (1985)
Neurolinguistic programming: The impact of imagery tasks on sensory predicate usage.
Journal of Counseling Psychology 32(4): 525-530
138Gray D E, Ekinci Y, Goregaokar H (2011)
Coaching SME managers: business development or personal therapy? A mixed methods study.
The International Journal of Human Resource Management 22(4): 863-882
139Gray R M, Bourke F (2015)
Remediation of intrusive symptoms of PTSD in fewer than five sessions: a 30-person pre-pilot study of the RTM Protocol.
Journal of Military, Veteran and Family Health 1(2): 13-20
140Gray R M, Liotta R F (2012)
PTSD: Extinction, Reconsolidation, and the Visual-Kinesthetic Dissociation Protocol.
Traumatology 18(2) - SAGE journals: 3&
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